06-10-2014 – …And suddenly we are the main act!? 0_0

Ladies and gentle-creatures!

Well that was quite a surprise for us. After we got the shocking news from the death of Marc Vooijs (The Aurora Project) we were struck by the whole situation immensely and knew that things would be changing for the Sounds of Fall gig. However we expected a lot of scenarios…. But not becoming the main act all of a sudden!

So basically there you go, we are now officially headlining Sounds of Fall – Metal Edition and we will be playing our debut-album integrally on this night to wrap up the event. We feel that it is our job to give the most intense and explosive show we have played so far and we are committed to give the pre-order people and the walk in guests on the night itself an intense gig!

BTW, because the line-up changed, the ticketprices have dropped as well, so you can now get a pre-sale ticket for the whole night for online €10 euros! Or you can pay at the door on the night itself and then it will be €12,50. So the choice is yours!

So for more details about Sounds of Fall, you should check the official website at: www.soundsoffall.nl

And to get tickets, you can order them in pre-order here: http://www.freia-music.nl/c-2541684/sounds-of-fall/

And in other news, we had our first gig after the holidaze and it was in the cozy Musicon venue in The Hague! This was a crazy night, that is for sure! We looked forward to playing the Musicon stage again as we played there last year on our pre-album tour. However on this night everything went wrong and we had to perform without a clicktrack and synths/backing vocals, so suddenly we were playing with a bit of a handicap.

However, we decided to soldier on and give it our best we could, so that original negative energy turned into positive energy in the end and the energy translated well to both the audience and the video. So we wanted to share that with all of you!

We chose to use the opening track Selling Lies and the heavy song I Tried To Help, so here they are:

Hope you guys will enjoy these vids and we hope to see you all on Sounds of Fall on 25 October 2014!

Greetings from your team of hard-working-never-sleeping musical friends!
Inca, Joey, Müşfik, Stefan & Tom