25-02-2014 – New month, new gigs, new excitement!

MindSoul_Onlinepromopic_spring2014Hey guys and not-guys! :D

Well, we are all very very excited here at Mind:Soul HQ, because we will be taking the stage this coming weekend at Babylon in Woerden together with The Indestructible Lumpia and Dipswitch! We are looking forward to playing an energetic set there, so be sure to be there if you get the chance!

You can find the Facebook even here btw: https://www.facebook.com/events/711963895501309/

Today we uploaded some new pics to the website as you can see from our new banner! The great E. van Dijk from Guerrilla Photography had taken us for a little trip a few weeks ago and the new promopics can now be gandered upon on the pictures page of this website! Of course you have to realize that there are also some “not very serious” pics in there, but that was to be expected now wasn’t it? ;)

And finally, we are also looking forward to our coming gig at the end of March were we will be taking the stage with Adeia & D’lemma in Saturnus, Scheveningen! :D You can find the Facebook event for that gig here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1379431578989063/

And finally, we can not believe how many great reviews we are getting for our debut-album so far! A lot of people have been incredibly positive for us and it is heartwarming and almost surreal to see that our efforts are able to strike a nerve with so many great people! It means a lot to us!

You can check out a list of reviews we have had so far on our PRESS page to get an idea. ;)

March is shaping up to be an awesome and energetic month for us and we’re excited to kick ass! :D

Greetings from your happy team of musical weirdo’s!
Inca, Joey, Müşfik, Stefan & Tom

PS: we want to give a head’s up to Marcel Haster from Live Prog who made an awesome video review for our album “The Way It Should Be”! Thanks for being so kind to us Marcel, it means a lot!