13-07-2014 – That time of the year again!

Mind:Soul @ ProgfrogHello everyone!

Well, it can safely be said that we had an awesome night last night at ‘t Blok in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel. Thanks to the guys of Progfrog we were able to play our first ever headline gig and it was an amazing experience alltogether. Also we want to thank Dimaeon and D’lemma and the attending audience for having a great party with us. We had fun and that could not have happened without you guys and girls!

We filmed the proceedings on this night with multiple camera’s and we will release this material in the future. We won’t spoil too much about it yet, but we have some really cool video plans for the future! BTW, we also filmed material at our other gigs, so you can expect new Mind:Soul live video’s in the near future as well. *Yay sounds*

Oh btw, kudo’s go out to Pedro Bekkers, who made the first couple of live photo’s and even shared a live video of our song Pillow Talk today! (We premiered that song live last night!!!) The pictures can be found on our facebook page and our pics section.

The live vid can be checked here:

However, as the summer is now in full swing, we are going to kick back for a month to all relax a bit to recharged for our autumn season. We will be playing quite a few gigs then and we will use these coming months to practice, rehearse and get all the details sorted out so that we can get back on the road fresh again.

So here’s to a healthy and good holiday to all of you and we hope to see you in September!

Greetings from our holiday houses which we can’t afford!
Inca, Joey, Müşfik, Stefan & Tom